• From: SQUIRREL51@aol.com
    : Fri, 1 Sep 1995 02:24:35 -0400
    Subject: Poem for the Robe

    This Poem came to me during meditation in October of 1994, It is simply called mother.
    I would feel honored if it would be added to the Robe.
    I would appreciate any comments.
    Also Please let me know when you are starting to accept Cloth donations,
    as a student of Shamanism I would like to contribute.

    May Great Spirit Guide and Protect us all <Sage4Ways

    Paul Capps
    6140 Yellowstone

    Vegas NV 89115



    Can you feel me my children?
    I send you my love
    my hopes
    my dreams

    But what do I get in return?
    I get your trash
    your wars
    and your disrespect

    This is why I ask
    Can you Feel and Hear me My children?
    Please, Hear Me
    For you are Killing me My children

    And if I die
    Who will Love you unconditonally
    Who will feed you
    Who will care

    So I ask again
    Do you hear me My children?

    GAIA (Mother Earth) Author