• To America OnLine Religion form, other religions file area After some affidavits about Cof$ were not posted I wrote the following appeal that released them to the SYSOPS:

    There are two sides to Scientology,
    one is polished public face

    the other are the testimonies from those who have been in the inner sanctum.
    The data in the testimonies regarding Church Practices are discussions of church of Scientology organization and its inner workings.
    The data in these documents has been confirmed by many ex-staff. Of the items I am personally familiar with, they are completely accurate.
    The court cases directly relate to Scientology, what it really is about.
    The public should have access to this data.
    AOL and the internet are the communication providers of last recourse.
    If there was another way to get this stuff out there we would use it.
    The internet and the communications bulletin boards, AOL included, are in fact, the LIBERTY TREE of the 90's.
    Where citizenry may post information of interest to fellow citizens.
    The documents uploaded have provided over 250 downloads in a 2 week period.
    I know that?s not a huge pile of dough for AOL, but it does reflect the ? needed and wanted ? status of the information.
    I'm not razzing or flaming you or AOL.
    I am, however, a fairly persistent bugger...
    but I guess you noticed that.
    Arnie Lerma